Do you have a strategy that has died on you?
One that, despite being very promising when created,
just slowly faded away when you left it alone?

With Funeral Service for Failed Strategies,
we want to give you peaceful closure, so you can
focus on getting strategies implemented.

Here's how it works...

Send us your failed strategy.
We accept .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx and .pdf

We print the document one last time on 100 gr glossy paper and place it in a cardboard box

The failed strategy is cremated at 1093 degrees celsius

The remains are collected in a timelessly designed and engraved urn, brought to you by delivery service

Our Strategy Funeral Services


One failed strategy in standard urn, delivered by post

* first 50 orders are free


Three failed strategies in premium urn, delivery service to office



Funeral ceremony at desired address for up to five failed strategies




After years stored in a dark corner on our server, the failed strategy finally got peace


Phoenix Baker, CEO


Streich Ltd


 We invested in peaceful closure for several failed strategies and  immediately felt how our energy could be focused on succeeding with present strategies.

Londynn Vargas, CSO




Thanks! The funeral service helped us put an end to failed strategies.

Dianna Smiley, CEO


Ledner PLC


This service shifted our company’s focus. By burying our failures, we have committed our focus to future success.

Annette Hunter, CEO


Schmeler, Batz and Thompson


Say goodbye to your failed strategies!


Bidam Salon, COO




It gave me peace of mind!


Harold Adams, CEO



Give your strategies a living chance

Who's behind this offer?

DecideAct is on a mission to modernize leadership through technology. We are to strategy what accounting systems are to financials. We want to help companies and consultants implement strategies so they can receive the life they deserve.

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